Independent Research

  • Programming and Development
    • Proficient with Java Programming. Experienced with Javascript Programming.
    • Experienced with debugging, FTP, API’s, command line interface, software and hardware installation/maintenance, concept development, prototyping, virtual machines, malware removal (both local hardware and web servers), cryptocurrencies & blockchains (building, maintaining, mining, trading, etc..)
  • Web Development
    • Proficient in the use and development of WordPress based websites.
    • Experienced in the use of web-servers
    • Familiar with full stack development (JHipster, Hot Towel)
    • Eager to learn more web development &or design
  • Web marketing
    • Experience with affiliate marketing, sales funnels, traffic generation, social media growth, authority building, monetization and more.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Proficient in the optimization of websites for steady organic growth and authority building, with the goal of increasing a website’s reach in Google.
  • Social Media Automation
    • Development of automated social media accounts with the goal of effective, hands off social media marketing.
  • Actively Learning
    • I am actively teaching myself new skills in the field of development, web marketing, blockchain technology, business, and research